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Beyond Business Cards – Using Different Print Media to Promote Your Business

Ask yourself this question. “If I met someone who said that they were in business who didn’t have business cards or any print media to offer would I take them seriously?” You might if you knew something of their business through a trusted referral. The point is, every serious business person has a business card. The card is intended to make the person memorable and easy to contact when you desire their product or service.

If you are like most people and it’s a good bet that you are; you collect business cards only to throw them away later when they have gotten to be a bit much to store.

Perhaps your card is destined for the wastebasket abyss as well. How can you break out of the norm and make your print asset more impactful, more memorable and incentivize the recipient to keep it longer?

You might want to look beyond the Business Card

Consider other print media that just as affordable as business cards. Here are just a few that have demonstrated success with clients in the past.

The Bookmark Boon!

A local limousine company was trying to increase its business searching for new markets in which to ply their trade.

The Solution: Bookmarks. A bookmark was designed which showcased the business name, phone number, and pictures of their fleet of vehicles. The opposite side of the bookmark was a discount redeemable for 15% off their charter.

The bookmarks were offered to the local bookstores with the direction that any person who spends a certain amount with the bookstore would receive the complimentary bookmark with the coupon for a discount on their limousine charter.

The bookstore managers were all too happy to accept the bookmarks as they received them at no cost. The bookstore had a tool to encourage upselling the customer, an automatic windfall for the bookstore.

The limousine company benefited from the stores’ promotion of their limousine service.

The offer was a Win-Win scenario. In the span of two months the bookstores had distributed 10,000 bookmarks to their customers. The limousine company gained 10,000 impressions and experienced an increase in limousine charters for approximately 3 cents per lead which generated an average charter of $500.00.

The promotion worked so well; the bookstore managers were calling the client requesting more bookmarks.

Pack A Lot of Punch With Mini-brochures

Mini brochures are about the size of a foldable business card. The mini-brochure is printed on a quality paper stock. It is colorful, eye-catching and informative in a very compact space. The mini-brochure is a very affordable alternative to the traditional business card.

The key is to get out of the rectangular box of a traditional business card by testing different media to communicate your message. You may be surprised by what you find.


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