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//We Speak Creative Design//

Weboniqs_creative delivers custom graphic designs for your website built on the Wix Website Design Platform.

Website Development

You may define Website Development in many ways. Weboniqs defines it as the creation of a digital footprint development strategy where the website is the hub and destination of all other digital and analog marketing efforts. 

A well-developed website should present solutions to the visitor’s interests, needs, and expectations intuitively, simply and elegantly. You may design a website without knowing the goal of the organization paying for its creation.  One cannot develop a website without a clear understanding of the organization’s vision, goals, and expectations because the website facilitates their achievement.

Design Services

Weboniqs_creative will design your website asset powered with features:

  • Video Gallery,

  • Music Gallery

  • Photo Gallery,

  • Forms

  • Event Ticketing

  • Email Marketing

  • E-commerce options available

  • Appointment Booking

  • Lightbox Pop-ups

  • Blog and Forum capabilities

  • and More...

How Weboniqs Works

Weboniqs_creative works on retained consulting relationships. A retained consulting relationship means that we will work with you to build, manage, and maintain your project for one year from the date of our agreement. Clients may renew the retainer relationship at the end of the first year. 

Most existing clients are happy to invest their time managing their business or organization while entrusting their website and other digital assets to Weboniqs. The benefits of the retained relationship are:

  • You can remain focused in the areas of your expertise

  • You have a significantly reduced learning curve

  • You realize savings in time and money


You may think that you can’t afford a retained relationship. Take a moment to calculate the monthly costs you pay for high-speed internet and mobile phone services and the cost of the devices for a family of two.


Your monthly expenses likely range between $360.00  – $420.00 per month.  The investment in a retained consulting relationship with Weboniqs_creative can be significantly lower.


Let’s talk about your Vision and Goals before we determine your needs and expectations. 


Call 502.383.0330 to set an appointment or schedule an appointment online via our free booking system.

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