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Microbusiness Marketing Magic – Tips that make a difference!

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

Marketing your small business can prove challenging at best and downright intimidating at worst. Fortunately, it is not impossible and can be the most exciting and energizing part of running your small business. As you develop skills as a marketer you will discover that the following is true;

“Good things come to those who wait, but here is a rule that is slicker, he or she who climbs a pole and shouts will get them that much quicker.”

Treat marketing your business as you would any emergency. It must be the top priority of your daily activities, so do not close your eyes to rest until you have done something to move your business forward. Here are a few tips that will help you get off to a great start marketing your new business or re-energize a lagging one.

Consider Your Buyer

Your wonderful new widget is worthless if the buyer doesn’t want it or know it exists. Answer some key questions before you design your marketing material such as business cards, brochures, display ads, etc… The first question you should answer is:

What is my customer really buying when purchasing my product?

  • Better Health,

  • Convenience,

  • An Unique Experience,

  • Quality, Freshness

Your product or service may be all that you say it is and more, but your customer is buying a means to an end.

Be Memorable

The point of marketing is to create mindshare that translates into market share with your existing and potential customers. Mindshare is the idea you own in your customer’s mind when they hear or see your logo, product or service. When a person is exposed to your business’ image what word comes to mind. Read the following business names and write down the words come to mind for each.

Burger King®, McDonalds®, Coca-Cola ®, Cadillac and Lexus

The word that came to mind for each of these brands equates to the mindshare they each own with you. When you think American Luxury you think Cadillac or flame-broiled you think Burger King. As you design your marketing strategy make sure that you invest some energy in addressing the Mindshare question; is my product or service memorable?

Be Genuinely Customer Focused

Your customers have little time and there are other businesses competing for their attention and money. Find ways to connect with your customer that communicates your authentic concern for them and the things which are important to them. Give the people what they want. People want information so that they can make a decision.

Make sure that your marketing gives customers enough information and empowers them to make buying decisions in your business.


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